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Saturday, April 17, 2021
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Simple flowchart example of an online banking/e-commerce web site.


At Logic World IT, we design and build well equipped web pages that communicate the qualities of the individuals or company responsible for it. Each site and pages are built with a neat, consistent, effective and intuitive navigational interface always taking into consideration not only what is present on the page but also what is off the page as well. Visitors will always be guided through your site in the most informed, clear and effective navigation methods with the focus on the user's experience plus product contents and usability.

We will always produce a visual representation (flowchart/sitemap) of the website, providing a roadmap of events that you (our clients) are satisfied with before implementing the final product. Every web site will have a homepage/index page (the first page seen when someone navigates to your site), an about us page (for providing specific information about you or the company) and a contact page (to provide contact details).

We hope you find our website informative and look forward to serving you by designing, building and even maintaining your website and web present needs.

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