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Sunday, July 25, 2021
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IT Solutions to Business Challenges

Businesses large and small face the same range of challenges – The Information / Data Challenges - on an almost daily basis. Information in one business area is captured, processed and stored in one format whilst in another business area the same type of information will be collected and persisted in a format not readily usable by or available to the other areas. In the different sections of the business, the information is transact and used to provide decision making capabilities and or answers to enquiries and important business services.

These separate business enterprise areas may be categorised into the following business service divisions: Supply Chain Management, Sales, Inventory Management, Accounting, Purchasing, E-commerce and Customer Relationship Management. These enterprise divisional areas can occur under one business group model or over several different businesses collaborating with each other as third party business entities or specialist. This also gives rise to another category the Vendor Integration divisional area sector.

The challenge is to have a system that can integrate and interface with all these divisions and provide a consistent application model that allows each service area to have access to the core business information at point of need and its availability when it is required in the format best suited for the individual business sectors. We at Logic World IT can provide a consistent reliable view of the business jewels ‘the data’ that can and or will be made readily accessible in real-time or otherwise to all parties from a secure centralised location and distributed on demand.

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