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Thursday, June 24, 2021
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Information Technology (IT) and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) are quite similar. Information Technology is the study, design, development and maintainance of computer based information systems. ICT adds the C part to IT which refers to communication. This communication of data by electronic means usually over a distance is mostly achieved via networks. The technologies involved are usually complex and will at some stage include different types of networks both internal or local area network (LAN) and external or wide area network (WAN) like the internet.

At Logic-World IT, we concentrate on using and the usage of digital technology to help individuals, businesses and organisations use and communicate with information. This falls into two main broad categories: -
(1) Traditional computer-based technologies [Personal Computers usage] and
(2) Digital communication technologies [allowing communication and sharing of information digitally].

We help your business and you build software and or software components that use the digital data your business needs to perform the business functions you require. We can handle the storage, retrieval, manipulation, transformation, transmission, receipt and any processing of the data that is required to make the business a good success.

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