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Thursday, October 21, 2021
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Welcome to Logic World's information technology portal.

The core of our business is collaborative software design and development (including website development), however we do under take requirements elicitation and analysis through the requirement engineering process.

We are here to provide for your business needs. Therefore let us work together to develop software solutions that will allow you to perform your business with assurance and confidence.

At Logic World IT we will design, create and maintain e-commerce, database or plain simple websites. No software or website design or development is too small or simple to build and implement for our customers satisfaction or your needs.


Since its inception in 2009, Logic-World IT Ltd has been dedicated to the requirement engineering, design and build of small, medium and large software artifacts and components for the financial, supply change management and enterprise business world in the UK.

We are presently involved in the banking, telecommunication and the services industry as third party consultants and software developers. We excel in rapid application development (RAD) using a mixture of the Agile software development methodology and the standard waterfall model knitted very closely with collaboration from the customer. This allows us to enjoy delivering high quality systems at relatively low investment cost to our customers in the required timeframe that fits our customerís needs.

At Logic-World we have resourceful, flexible and richly skilled software engineers who are highly talented and experienced in consultancy, research and development, allowing us to skilfully innovate component solutions to business problems in a time-efficient and interactive manner whereby we contribute to your continuing success and reputation at cost which are very competitive and affordable. You will find that Logic-World will be your most valuable partner in business system software development and the information technology field providing good advice and consultancy at your point of need.

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